The not so secret identity of The Kamloopian

The Kamloopian - Since '99, eh.

About me

I am really just your typical Canuck with just enough knowledge to be kind of irritating. You can check out my background page for a brief on some of the more practical things I can helping out with. 

Currently I am an artist, videographer, community activist, volunteer, newsletter publisher, development society director and custom diorama & game terrain maker.


Basically, If you have the funds and I like you (and your product/company or idea) ...I will give'r a heck of a good try.

Contact me through the link above 

If it is in the "other" category or if it is art, gamer, or old plastic armymen related, do so through

and, ...If you need business help, website, or computer assistance  or if you just want to pick at or get in touch with my other secret identity (civics, small p governmental, and community-ism guy)

Contact me above or through

Besides the accounting, marketing, and office stuff I am a barnyard mechanic, tinker, woodworker, computer geek, and a dang good cook.  

My Commitment

Professionalism, integrity, honesty and the utmost discretion - The end result will be accurate, on time, and get you great results.


"...sort of like Andy Warhol’s Empire meets Bob Ross meets a Games Workshop Studio masterclass." - Make Magazine

"But then, I've never been presented with a bad letter of recommendation when interviewing an applicant.." -- Steve